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Better Together: Dentrix Pay and QuickBill

Find out how combining Dentrix Pay and QuickBill Email can help improve your practice cash flow.

Like toothpaste and a toothbrush, Dentrix Pay and QuickBill work together to make your patients' and your life better. As a pair, they help give your patients the power to pay anytime, anywhere.

Offer Convenient Payment Options

Dentrix Pay and QuickBill Email are great on their own, but together, they combine to give you a complete payment solution for your practice. Patients can pay at checkout, maintain card information on file for payment plans with Dentrix Pay or make payments online anytime through QuickBill Email statements. Plus, both products seamlessly integrate with Dentrix, saving your staff time and manual entry as payments automatically post to the patient’s account in the Ledger. Use Dentrix Pay and QuickBill Email together to easily collect, giving patients the convenience they want.

Even Faster and More Cost-Effective

QuickBill has long been appreciated by Dentrix dental offices for how easy it makes sending printed statements. Now, you can use QuickBill to send printed statements or email statement notifications* — or a combination of both. Emails include a link to a secure portal where patients can see their confidential account information and easily make a payment anytime, day or night — no envelopes, stamps or checks necessary.

*Email statement functionality is sold separately.

An Unstoppable Duo Working Together for You

QuickBill Email works hand in hand with Dentrix Pay to help you to get paid around the clock. QuickBill eliminates the drudgery of billing, allowing you to send printed or electronic statements, helping you maintain a consistent cash flow. Revenue comes in even while you are away from the office and is automatically and effortlessly attached to the right patient account.

Like toothpaste and a toothbrush, some things are just better together. Find out how combining Dentrix Pay and QuickBill can give you the complete payment solution that makes the most of your cash flow.

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