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Let eAssist and Dentrix take care of your most difficult and complex insurance claim headaches. Because we love that stuff. And you don’t.

Add a team of insurance claim and collections specialists to your Dentrix solution

Running a profitable dental practice is challenging enough—without worrying about complex insurance processes, rejected claims, and other issues that prevent you from getting paid on time.

Together, eAssist and Dentrix take these headaches off your plate by adding a team of insurance claim and collections specialists to your Dentrix platform.

The result is faster payments, steadier cash flow, and a lower uncollectable balance, so you can stay focused on what you do best.

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Harness the expertise of dedicated claim and collections specialists.

3 reasons you should completely outsource your billing department

Free up your phone line and staff's time

When dealing with patient billing dental balances and the long list of additional dental claims processes, that can really tie up your staff’s time — and your phone line. What if you had a dedicated billing line for patient billing dental statement inquiries? This would free your office phone line up for patients to schedule, and free up your staff’s time on hold with insurance companies or having tough financial discussions at the front desk.

Minimize over 90 accounts

Insurance companies typically have a set standard for how they’ll pay out claims, but what about your patients? What’s stopping them from paying what you’re rightfully owed? Typically, patients will fall through the cracks after a three-month window and the chance of them resolving the balance on their accounts becomes less likely. eAssist’s platform of dental billing specialists can also help to manage your patient accounts by sending customized letter reminders that can help bring down your patient’s balances.

Streamline processes for maximized revenue

More than 70% of dentists are only collecting 91% of what they produce — this means you are probably leaving money on the table that you are rightfully owed. Completely outsourcing your billing department to specialists allows you to streamline your processes and improve your revenue by giving ALL of your accounts receivable the attention they need. Increasing revenue means growth, bonuses, or meeting whatever your next goal may be.

Ready to completely outsource your billing department?

Imagine knowing that you only need to focus on what’s right in front of you — your patients — instead of where the next dollar is coming from and whether you’ll end up getting it.


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