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In Electronic Claim Management With Dentrix, a free white paper from Henry Schein One, learn the six ways that electronic insurance claims help you save time and grow revenue.

*Based on estimates by the CAQH Index.

Claims Management Do’s & Don’ts

Dentrix eClaims – Claims Management

Don’t let your claims process slow you down. View our infographic entitled, “Do’s and Don’ts of Claims Management” and see how much time you can save per claim by switching from manual to electronic insurance claim process

Dentrix eClaims accelerates and streamlines the insurance claims process so your practice gets paid faster. Your claims are created, validated, and electronically sent to your payors within minutes in a streamlined workflow in Dentrix that can reduce your reimbursement time from weeks to days.

Enjoy Easier, Faster Verification of Eligibility and Benefits

Both dental practices and patients want to avoid uncertainty about what insurance will cover. Using an insurance management solution that automatically verifies eligibility and benefits will help eliminate uncertainty, reducing the time your team has to spend chasing down insurance information and figuring out what patients owe. Your patients will appreciate the clarity too, so they don’t have to worry about surprise bills.

Simplify How You Submit, Track and Resolve Claims

When you move from manual to electronic insurance claims, you can enjoy the benefits of one centralized solution to manage everything. Many claims can even be adjudicated in real time, allowing you to collect what patients owe at the time of their visits. Plus, when you choose a solution like Dentrix eClaims that seamlessly integrates with your practice management system, you can easily add attachments to claims, like digital X-rays, perio charts and photographs.

“When you’re dealing with insurance day in and day out, there’s nothing easier than being able to have a system [that integrates] with what you are utilizing already. … Being able to add attachments, X-rays, put in any other needed forms for insurance claims — it makes the process very easy.”

Kristen Rose, Office Manager & Dental Hygienist, Office of Sidney D. Kelly, D.M.D.

Assess Your Insurance Process

Submitting claims electronically can significantly improve your insurance workflow, but it’s not the whole picture. How often do you follow up on unpaid claims? When was the last time you negotiated your PPO reimbursement rates? Do you appeal denied claims? Take our free Insurance Management Assessment to get a detailed analysis of your practice’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Interested in Streamlining Your Insurance Claims Process?

Learn how you can centralize and simplify your insurance claims process through electronic claim management — and how much time you may be wasting by doing it manually.


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