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Discover how Dentrix Imaging Center can simplify and improve your image acquisition process.

Dentrix Imaging Center handles all your imaging needs as a universal imaging solution that automates image acquisition and streamlines operational workflows. Trust Dentrix to be the hub that manages all of your images and imaging devices.

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Dentrix Imaging Center Works with Dentrix Smart Image

Dentrix Imaging Center is connected to Dentrix G7 via Dentrix Smart Image and implements its automation capabilities, including:

  • All images are displayed as thumbnails directly in Chart for easy access
  • Any image(s) can be viewed directly from within Chart for diagnosis, comparison or patient education purposes
  • Ability to automatically find and attach necessary images for an insurance e-claim submission, starting with Dentrix G7.3*
  • Automatic re-care updating of the PMS when Bitewings, Pans and such are acquired in Dentrix Imaging Core

With this automated, efficient workflow, you’ll benefit from more time to focus on patients by reducing the amount of time you spend manipulating imaging software during appointments and finding images for diagnosis and insurance claims.

*Requires Dentrix eClaims

Work With the Experts You Trust

Dentrix Imaging Center is supported by the experts at Dentrix, who offer assistance with imaging integration issues as well as training, coaching, content and more. Instead of troubleshooting your equipment with multiple imaging vendors and systems, you’ll get help from one trusted team that understands your practice management system inside and out.

What Are You Waiting For?

Dentrix Imaging Center simplifies the imaging workflow, eliminates the headaches of non-compatible devices and includes a single source of expert support. See how it can make a difference for your practice with a no-obligation demo.

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