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Medical Billing for General Dentistry

Learn how Imagn Billing can help make medical billing a successful option 

for your practice.

Henry Schein One and Imagn Billing team up to offer medical billing software designed for dental practices. By tapping into medical benefits, Imagn Billing can help you provide better patient care and increase case acceptance.

Make Medical Billing Work for You

Improve Case Acceptance

Billing medical insurance doesn’t have to be daunting. Imagn Billing, a full-service solution that combines software, service and educational courses into a complete package, enables dental practices to help patients make the most of their medical benefits.

Give your patients the opportunity to say “yes” to the treatments they need by billing medical insurance for medical procedures and reserving dental benefits for routine care.

Put Your Patients First

Providing your patients with the treatment they need can be challenging with limited dental benefits. Imagn Billing gives you the tools you need to incorporate medical billing into your practice and bill medical insurance for medical services so you can treat your patients with the comprehensive care they need for better outcomes. By using medical insurance, you can help your patients afford quality care while saving their dental benefits for routine procedures.

Add Medical Billing Expertise to Your Team

Imagn Billing offers a team of dedicated, certified medical billing experts. Educate and train with an expert in medical billing policies and procedures with a coaching package. Receive one-on-one advice for creating a medical billing strategy and determining what procedures can be billed to medical insurance and let the experts review your coded medical claims to help avoid billing errors.

Gain Another Source of Revenue

Not only does billing for medical procedures help lead your patients to better treatment outcomes, it provides your practice with another source of revenue. With medical billing as an integral part of your practice, you’ll increase revenue by billing for both the dental and medical services your patients need. Offering services covered by medical insurance also helps your practice stand out from the competition and attract patients who are looking for comprehensive dental care.

Must-Have Tools for Medical Billing

Imagn Billing is a third-party service to handle all of your medical billing needs from start to finish. The software helps with dental to medical cross coding, diagnosis code suggestions, proper case creation and aging.

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