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Patient Engage Enhances Patient Communication

Patient Engage includes a variety of features to automate and improve the way you communicate and interact with your patients.

Communicate the Way Your Patients Prefer

Manage Communication on One Screen

Save Time With Automated Processes

  • Communicate in a non-intrusive, professional manner
  • Deliver messages directly to patients, no matter what device they use
  • Send automatic appointment reminder messages
  • Text back and forth with patients
  • Reach 100% of your patients with automated phone calls
  • Expand your ability to stay in touch with patients
  • Use the latest communication functionalities on one dashboard
  • Stay in touch with patients in real time
  • Enable the desktop feature to receive and act on requests instantly
  • Reschedule and confirm appointments — all without leaving a single screen
  • Streamline workflows with integrated, automated communication
  • Efficiently communicate with your patients
  • Save your staff time so they can focus on patients
  • Decrease the risk over-communication
  • Reduce no-shows by 22.95% with automated appointment reminders

Benefit from Dentrix Patient Engage

Dentrix Patient Engage gives you total control over how you communicate with your patients. With robust features like customized appointment and re-care reminders and reputation management and campaign studio features, Patient Engage builds your online reputation and motivates re-care attendance. Build, extend and protect your practice's reputation with Patient Engage.


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