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Dentrix Voice Perio is where perio charting and artificial intelligence sync up. Using affordable recording devices, this solution records verbal perio results with up to 99.9% accuracy.

Get From Here to Hear in Less Than a Day

Be Heard With State-of-the-Art Speech Recognition

Dentrix Voice Perio adjusts to the hygienist, not the other way around, and can be up and running in a few hours or less!

Regardless of who’s talking or how, Dentrix Voice Perio’s intelligent voice recognition adapts to nearly everyone. It’s intuitive with easy-to-learn commands.

“This new system is incredibly smart and responsive, it makes our staff even more efficient and helps us complete our perio exams more quickly. That means we have extra time to connect with our patients, answer questions, and make sure they’re comfortable with the results of their exams.”

— Dr. Rick Hagstrom, Dentist/Owner, A Shop for Smiles, La Mesa, California

Minimize Time and Increase Profitability

Dentrix Voice Perio can open opportunities for increased profitability by minimizing the time spent charting during perio exams. Your hygienist doesn’t need to stop to enter numbers or bring in a second employee to perform manual entry, saving on PPE costs. Also, the highly accurate recording that screens out background noise virtually eliminates manual errors. The time your team saves can be put toward patient education to improve case acceptance.

Increase Case Acceptance

When hygienists can record perio numbers aloud (at a conversational volume — no shouting required!), patients’ curiosity is piqued. They are more likely to engage in their perio treatment and can learn what those numbers mean, opening up opportunities for better patient education. Plus, perio exams go faster with an assist from Dentrix Voice Perio, leaving your team more time to consult with patients on their treatment needs.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

If you’ve been restricting perio exams because of time constraints, Dentrix Ascend Voice Perio can help you increase the frequency and number of patients who receive this valuable service. Patients gain a better understanding of their perio scores and trends over time, which helps them become more invested in their care. Dentrix Ascend Voice Perio can also help improve patients’ confidence in your practice, leading to both higher treatment acceptance and more referrals.

Watch this overview video to see how easy Dentrix Voice Perio is to use and how much it can help your practice. 

The Future of Perio Is Speaking Up

Are you listening? You can upgrade your legacy perio system to save time while improving patient education — and assisting your bottom line — today.



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